We prepare our students to become productive global citizens and to lead successful lives by imparting on them our Core Values:

COMMUNITY BUILDING and COLLABORATION: We are  committed to working positively and effectively with diverse groups by sharing our ideas and workload to create an inclusive community and achieve a common goal.

PROFESSIONALISM: We strive to demonstrate habits that show discipline, respect and responsibility in learning such as organizing personal time, following assignment directions, coming prepared and ready to learn.

GROWTH MINDSET: We set personal learning goals relevant to our college and career path and persistently pursue them; reflect on what has been learned, how it has been learned, and what can be done to further improve prioritized knowledge and skills. We are developing self-regulating coping skills, self-control, and confidence to work through challenges.

LEADERSHIP: We seek to use interpersonal and problem-solving skills to influence, engage, and guide others toward a common goal. We demonstrate hard work and effort, and strive to instill those values in our peers.

COMMUNICATION: We participate effectively in presentations and a range of discussions with our diverse partners, on different topics, texts and issues showing awareness of audience, task and purpose.