At Manhattan International, we strive to create student-friendly report cards with meaningful feedback so students can reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses as well as track their progress toward attaining mastery of academic concepts (“skills”).  

How is Mastery-based grading different from traditional grading?
Mastery-based grading is different from the traditional grading system in that students grades are based on their demonstrated level of mastery of concepts, rather than the average “points” they earned for the marking period. Therefore, a student who struggled at the beginning of a course, may still be able to demonstrate mastery of "skills" by the end of a grading period.

What do each of the numbers on the 4 point scale represent? 
  • A score of 4 indicates that a student demonstrates an  in-depth understanding by completing advanced applications of the material.
  • A score of 3 indicates that a student demonstrates mastery of the skill and targeted knowledge. 
  • A score of 2 indicates that a student understands the material, but still needs additional instruction and/or support.
  •  A score of 1  indicates that the student has minimal understanding of the material.