Resources for Students
Below are commonly used student apps and online programs, which we have gathered together in one place for your convenience.
  Rosetta Stone   
Rosetta Stone: Learn a English with Rosetta Stone,one of the world's best language-learning software. 

    Jumprope: Access your grades
  Reading Plus : Transition from “
  learning to read” to “reading to
Miriam Webster : Free searchable dictionary and thesaurus.
Achieve3000: Daily
differentiated nonfiction reading
and writing instruction.
  The New York City Department of        Youth and Community Development supports youth and their families through a range of youth and community development programs.  
Schoology: Learning management                  system  and virtual classroom.
  Google Classroom : Access your class, upload and download assignments.        Explore U.S. history using primary
        sources from the Library of Congress. online dictionaries, thesaurus
and language translators. information about U.S. government (system and policy) Free and family friendly web site indexing and reviewing quality, credible, and current Internet reference resources.