Parent Teacher Association

Monthly Calendar

The purpose of the school's parent association is to provide its members with support, assistance, and guidance as they assume their varied roles within the school community as:

    • Advocates

    • Partners

    • Decision makers

    • Leaders

    • Key stakeholders in their children's education

These are the current board members of the Manhattan International High School PTA:

APRIL 2019 Calendar.docx

PTA Meeting Dates:

November 22, 2020 3:30pm Zoom Meeting Link: click here

All PTA Meetings will be Virtual (online) this year.

*All Dates and Times are Subject to Change*

PTA Meeting
Zoom Meeting on Laptop

For more information, please call our

Parent Coordinator:

Ms. Carolina Cedano

(212) 517-6728 Ext # 5171

PTA meeting with guest speaker