Cluster Website Links


Foundations (FS) 9th Grade

Foundations is using Google Classroom, Remind, and other digital learning apps such as Learning Upgrade, Duolingo, and Padlet. Each teacher will post due dates for assignments. More information can be found on our Cluster Website:

Innovation Transformation

Innovation Transformation (IT) 10th- 11th Grade

IT is using Google Classroom, Schoology and other websites and apps to support online learning. Teachers will post assignments and are available through email, Remind and Zoom. More information is available on our cluster website:

Choices Action Reflection

Choices, Action, Reflection (CAR) 10th- 11th Grade

CAR will be using Google Classroom as the main platform for distributing assignments and communicating with students. We will also use zoom for office hours which will be available throughout the school week.

CAR website:


Achievers (ACH) 12th Grade

ACH is using Google classroom as our hub for assignments. Additional learning apps such as Flipgrid, Padlet, Loom and Zoom will be used to facilitate learning. Assignments will be posted at the beginning of the week with due dates on Fridays. Remind, Classroom announcements and email will be used to communicate with students. More information can be found on our Cluster website below: