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Websites that help you learn more about the right college for you:

Planning for College Websites Important information for all students: 9th graders (Freshmen), 10th graders (Sophomores), 11th graders (Juniors), 12th graders (Seniors). It is never too early to start getting ready for college! Cappex is a great college site and college planning resource with an at-a-glance convenience. Cappex is great at displaying beefy college statistics in a way that is easy to read. One of Niche’s most characteristic features is that it allows students to rate schools on different aspects and provide individual reviews. College Confidential’s best feature is its student forum. However, there are other goodies to be found on this site, such as additional free college resources including online calculators for estimating your Academic Index and Financial Aid Eligibility By taking a quiz on the site and answering specific questions about yourself, Unigo helps you find your best possible options for colleges and scholarships.

its never too early to start getting ready for college